ArtMaHé is the name of the studio of Marc de Klijn and Henny van Hartingsveldt. This digital archive gives you a glance at the work of both of them.

Until 2013 Marc and Henny worked mainly in the Netherlands. Since they emigrated to Israel, they have their studio at home. They regularly have exhibitions of their work in the Netherlands, as well as in Israel.


The portfolio of ArtMaHé consists of the creative work of Marc de Klijn and Henny van Hartingsveldt. It contains work from their own collection, as well as donated work, sold work and work that is for sale.

Marc de Klijn

Visual Artist/Painter

Marc originally started as a graphic designer and from 1974 he works in free art. Until 1995 he combined his free work with teaching at the Art academy Constantijn Huygens, at present established in Zwolle. His work comprises most of the usual genres such as landscape, still life, architecture, figure and abstract with emphasis on the use of intense colours and experienced compositions.

Henny van Hartingsveldt


Henny, as a 17-year old, started her own pottery in Lisse and in that period mostly made utensils. From 1985 she focused more on sculpture. She mainly works in ceramics and her style is abstract monumental. She also uses other materials and combinations of materials.


Marc and Henny have exhibited many years, solo, together and also as part of a group. Marc has exhibited his work since 1975 in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Israel. Henny participated for the first time in a group exhibition in 1994 in Zwolle. She has also exhibited since many years in the Netherlands, Belgium and Israel. From 1994 they have an Open House Exhibition every year which attracts the public from all over the country. The last Open House in the Netherlands was in the fall of 2012. They continue this tradition in Israel; the premiere was in June 2016.

Exhibitions 2022

  • Open House Exhibition
    April 6 – 9 | Mata Israël
  • Exhibition Zeeland (with other artists)
    Juni 2 – July 30 | Middelburg – Wandelkerk
  • Exhibition Zeeland (with other artists)
    June 2 – 31 July 31 | Grijpskerke – Galerie ‘De Ossenberg’
  • Exhibition Amsterdam (with other artists)
    July 1 – August 15 | Amsterdam – Bookshop ‘Look Up’


Marc and Henny realize art projects in Israel for non-profit organisations. They produce these projects sponsored by their foundation Stichting Visual Perspectives. Since 2004 they also give lectures, when requested, which have to do with Jewish/Christian themes. Their two art books have been published in cooperation with their foundation, ‘De doden zullen herrijzen’ (2004) and ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ (2011).
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